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There are several PVP mechanics implemented into Blox Fruits. Some PVP mechanics allow players to get on a more even playing field, while other mechanics make a certain player overpowered. These mechanics mostly don't apply to NPCs and Bosses and only apply to players fighting each other.

Holding Of Moves[]

When you hold a move and a person attacks you while holding the move, the move will be performed (except Bomb V). Additionally, when you are using a mobility move on a Blox Fruit, such as any flight move, the move will automatically cancel when damaged (excluding Magma F unawakened and transformed Mammoth F only). For some moves that add additional attacks when holding the move, such as most of awakened Spider's moves, the move will instead cancel like a mobility move on a Blox Fruit. Moreover, if you are attacked while holding a move and have Instinct on it will turn off your Instinct regardless of whether the move used breaks Instinct normally. For example, you are holding a move, and someone performs Conqueror's Gun on you, typically Conqueror's Gun doesn't break Instinct but it will if you are holding down an attack.


When a player hits level 20, they can now freely PVP with other players, and vice versa, as you cannot damage them back. Levels also affect how much bounty/honor a player gets after killing another player. Bounty/honor cannot be gained when killing a player around 618+ levels lower or higher than you. This means that a max level player will receive bounty/honor from any player above ~Level 1932.

PVP Attributes[]

There are 6 main attributes that determine a Fruit/Sword/Gun usefulness and overall performance in PVP. The first stat is Power, or the overall damage of an attack. The second stat is Speed, or the overall speed of the projectile or animation sequence and the cast time of attacks, also flight/transport moves and how low of a cooldown an attack has. The third stat being Range, which is the overall range of attacks or projectiles. The fourth stat is Durability, or the overall usefulness of evasion (such as teleporting moves and moves that make you lunge) and moves that make you have higher defence such as Buddha, Phoenix, and Dragon. The fifth stat is Precision, or how big the hitbox of an attack and how reliable it is to land. The final and sixth stat are Potential, or how much combo potential an attack gives and how much stun time it gives.

Another factors may be judged, such as start-up lag, end-lag and invincibility frames. (Read on for more information)

Keep in mind that this is simply a framework to judge a fruit's usefulness in PvP as certain fruits may be misjudged by so. Examples of misjudged weapons by this framework include Portal and Diamond.

Fighting Players[]

When fighting a player, the victim of the attack gets an “In Combat” But for the victim that has a bounty of 2.5M or more it will say “In Combat - Bounty/Honor at Risk” warning at the bottom of their screen next to their health bars. The victim cannot reset during this time, otherwise, they will receive a bounty/honour penalty. The attacker will get an “In Combat” sign at the bottom of their screen like the previous sign, however, the attacker can freely reset at any time if they haven’t been damaged by the victim or other players. Also, to note, leaving while having the previous warnings can lead to the risk of losing bounty/honor which is called Combat logging.

Killing Players[]

When killing a player, the killer gains a specific amount of bounty/honor which changes per level or amount of bounty/honor. Additionally, players also get healed by about 20-30% of their hp back once they kill a player that is the same, near, or 250-300 levels below the killer. Once a player reaches 3/3 bounty from another player, the killer gets an “In Combat” sign and can freely reset after a few seconds instead of the regular warning “Bounty/Honor at Risk” which could take a minute or a half to go away. After a player is killed the player then gets a 15 minute, if in old world, or 10 minutes, if in new world, invincibility pity which they can turn off at any time.

Action/Attack-Cancel System[]

When an attack is performed and the performer is damaged simultaneously, the attack animation will play, this is known as an attack cancel making the attack not be performed. This acts as an additional punishment for attacking. This can also be really annoying for some unlucky players since this leaves them vulnerable to attacks. Sometimes, due to lag and ping, the Action/Attack-Cancel System can glitch when you are performing an attack, even though you did not get damaged when you were doing the attack and only got damaged after you performed the attack, it will automatically cancel which can greatly mess up fights. This makes the system sort of unreliable because some and a lot of players have either high ping or low internet speed which gives an advantage to players who have low ping and great internet speed. This has been fixed to a certain degree following the updates; however, it is still there.

Breaking of Instinct[]

See more info on Instinct/Break]].

Some attacks break Instinct in just one or a couple of hits. However, some attacks used by Swords/Blox Fruits may not break Instinct when in the wrong angle or range. For example, an attack could be long range, however, it cannot break Instinct while in long-range and instead has to be used in short range. Additionally, an attack can also fail at breaking Instinct in a wrong angle such as with some attacks of Saber V1 and Saber V2. Adding on, some attacks can also fail to break Instinct because the hitbox is not hitting the player's entire body. Instead, it is hitting a limb such as an arm which makes some attacks fail to break Instinct when hitting on the edge of the attack. Instinct can also be broken if you are attacked while doing a move (See above for Holding of Moves).

Hitbox Delay[]

This feature remains widely unknown today except for Roblox developers and people who have studied how to make certain games on the Roblox platform. This feature occurs in almost EVERY fighting-style game that includes meshes/models/parts attached to the player(s) to start an animation or “ability”. This essentially causes the players’ hitbox to delay behind them in an EXTREMELY short fraction of time which means with enough ping/lag your hitbox can lag in the game despite your screen moving the character (this happens rarely, with most situations just freezing the game or application). In this game, however, the hitbox delay can make an ENORMOUS difference in escaping via teleport moves such as Flash Step and teleporting moves in fruits/swords. Because your hitbox delays behind you when using Flash Step or any other move, you might be brought back to your original location if a move has hard stun or doesn’t on most medium and soft stun types (See below to classify different stun types). This means that if you teleport using an ability that plays an animation, you will be brought back to your original location. This can greatly disrupt your Instinct-trick and cause you to be vulnerable to a combo. Examples: Using Soru or any other teleport move to escape awakened Dark’s X move, however, the opponent directly uses C move, which is a hard stun AND occurs faster than the hitbox can move to the players’ location and brings you back to your original location making you susceptible to a combo. (This situation is lessened by how good your lag and ping are).


Note: The examples of Instinct Trickable moves are not complete. DM me on Discord (@archaicism) for any requests to be added here, or just add them yourself.

The Instinct Trick (Also known as Ken-Trick) is a key mechanism in Blox Fruits PvP. It allows users to avoid combos and take less damage from certain moves. It also can reduce ragdoll animation time after a move.

There are 2 different types of Instinct Trick:

  • Instinct-Trick between moves (Easy -> Almost Impossible depending on the opponent)
  • Instinct-Tricking during moves (Easy -> Hard)

Instinct-Tricking between moves can vary in difficulty depending on the opponent's combo, their reaction time, your ping and the move you are Instinct Tricking.

The act of Instinct-Tricking between moves is simple. When the opponent does a move, then prepares to do a move that does not break Instinct (See Instinct Break for more information), simply activate Instinct if it hasn't been broken. If you cannot activate Instinct at that moment because of a recent Instinct Breaking move that disabled your Instinct, pray to God that you Flash Step out of the combo (Another strategy to escape combos).

The second method of Instinct-Tricking requires much more precise timing. It depends on activating Instinct during a move that normally breaks Instinct, to dodge an incoming move that cannot break Instinct and would be dodged normally. This is much harder as there is a much shorter window to activate Instinct, but can mitigate a lot of damage. Instinct Tricking using this method usually only wastes 1 or 2 Instinct dodges due to Invincibility Frames (Where you gain total invincibility due to being stuck in the Instinct dodging animation).

Certain moves are much easier to Instinct Trick, and some may chain Instinct Breaking moves to prevent this. Learn your opponent's playstyle and loadout and Instinct Trick to preferably mitigate damage.

Here's a list of all Instinct-Trickable moves of the most used weapons (We won't do guns, we're too lazy):

Fighting Styles[]

Dragon Talon:

  • [Z] - Talon Lighter just doesn't break Instinct even though people say they Instinct-Trick it.


  • If an enemy activates [Z] - Soaring Beast more than 0.5 meters away from you, it can be Instinct dodged during the flight. This move Instinct Breaks if in close range. To Instinct-Trick, activate Instinct right after the very first tick of damage. This will also prevent you from being ragdolled.

Sanguine Art:

  • [Z] - Bloodbane Drain does not break Instinct during dash. If hit, simply activate Instinct right after the first tick of damage similar to Soaring Beast.
  • [C] - Devourer of Worlds breaks instinct on the grab if hit but the orbs after can be dodged. The orbs from the large orb cannot be dodged and break Instinct.



  • [C] - Flaming Vortex can be Instinct Tricked, but there are only 2 frames in which you have a window to activate Instinct. Just don't bother, it took me 8 tries to successfully Instinct Trick it.
  • [V] - Hell's Core breaks Instinct on the first tick of damage and the fire pit that it leaves behind. If hit, activate Instinct right after first tick of damage, and spam jump to quickly get out of fire pit, the Invincibility Frame will help your Instinct remain intact.


  • [Z] - Cold Storm breaks Instinct on full hit. Simply activate instinct about 0.75 seconds after the move starts and it can be Instinct-dodged.


  • [V] - World of Darkness's explosion can be dodged since there are 2 parts to this move.


No moves able to be Instinct-Tricked.


  • Awakened [Z] - Cremation Cannon can be Instinct-Tricked but there is no point as you probably won't stay in the fire residual. The projectile breaks Instinct and cannot be Instinct Tricked.


  • [Z] - Portal Dash's portals at the start don't break Instinct but waste 3 Instinct dodges and the explosion at the end breaks Instinct. The move bypasses Instinct while keeping it on.


  • Awakened [C] - Sky Judgement can be Instinct-Tricked, just activate Instinct after the first 0.25 seconds of the move.


  • Awakened [X] - Pastry River (Ground) can be Instinct-Tricked, simply activate Instinct between the push-up and the push down.
  • Awakened [X] - Pastry River (Air) can be Instinct-Tricked, simply activate Instinct after the second dough push, but the skill still stun the enemy
  • Awakened [C] - Piercing Clothesline cannot be Instinct-Tricked on the slam, but the donut itself at the beginning can unless at close range. The donut however sometimes still breaks Instinct at long range.


  • All moves break Instinct except for [X] - Wrath of Ra. All moves cannot be Instinct Tricked.


  • All moves cannot be Instinct-Tricked (We're not sure about Transformed [C] - Fire Shower)


  • [C] - Fox Fire Disruption (Both untransformed and transformed) breaks Instinct on the ball projectile but doesn't on the flames and knock-up. Right after the ball hits but the explosion has not occured turn on Instinct and the opponent will be stuck in animation, allowing you to prepare a quick Godhuman [Z] or similar.


Cursed Dual Katana:

  • [Z] - Revolving Ravager can be Instinct-Tricked even at max hold. Activate Instinct right before the tornado/whirlwind explodes.
  • [X] - Slayer of Goliath max hold can be Instinct-Tricked. Turn on Instinct right after the red X explodes on your screen.

Spikey Trident:

  • Both moves don't break Instinct and even if [Z] - Dough Hurricane hits it can be Instinct Tricked after the first tick of damage.

Shark Anchor:

  • [Z] - Typhoon Toss circular grab does not break Instinct, the splash travel to the destination cannot break Instinct if it's not a full hit, the splash breaks Instinct. If caught in the move just disable your ken.
  • [X] - Armor Breaker's dash breaks Instinct, but the two slashes after it can be dodged. Instinct trick this whenever you can but immediately disable yo ur Instinct right after the move since they most likely will follow up with a small dash move that breaks Instinct. (This has happened to me way too many times).

True Triple Katana:

  • [Z] - Wolf Fang Rush doesn't break Instinct and the 4 slashes after it don't as well
  • [X] - Dragon Hurricane break Instinct, but the final tornado doesn't. That's also the main source of damage on the move so immediately activate Instinct after caught to waste their move. This does however drain many dodges, but allows you to prepare a quick counterattack with Godhuman [Z] - Soaring Beast.

Dark Blade:

  • [Z] - One Thousand Slices can be Instinct-Trick, but the Instinct-Trick window is way too small. I didn't succeed after like 20 tries (but I know it can be since I've seen clips of it.)

Midnight Blade:

  • Both moves just ignore Instinct, hitting the move won't break it but will still drag you along with the animation. The opening of the Portal on both moves can be dodged.

Gravity Cane:

  • [X] - Lunar Blitz can be Instinct Tricked after the first tick of damage and you are propelled into the sky

(We didn't research more because we have lacked the information of the Guns, we are so sorry)


Some attacks have an “effective” area (hitbox) in which they operate. Some attacks may have smaller hitboxes than what they seem, and others may stretch for a seemingly infinite range, such as Over-heated Sniper from Spider which has an effective range of approximately 800 (In Second Sea that is the range from the bridge that separates Kingdom of Rose from Green Zone to The Café) despite stretching for much longer.


A stun has 3 variants depending on how much mobility an attack takes away. A soft stun is either a hard stun that is very quick, half a second or so, or a stun that limits the use of one area of mobility such as the use of skills, movement, or any abilities such as flash step. A medium stun limits two areas of mobility instead of one and is the most common stun variant. The hard stun limits all of the areas of mobility which completely restricts ALL movement and the use of attacks and abilities. (Ex. Soft stun: Rubber C move, Rush; Medium stun: Acidum Rifle X move, Acidic Smoke; Hard stun: Ice V move, Glacial Epoch/Absolute Zero).


Simply put, End lag is a feature added by the developer that makes it impossible for players to Dash, Jump multiple times, or use moves in a few short seconds. This will limit the spamming of quick moves and causing imbalance in the game. Typically, with Spirit Z, the player will be stopped for about 1.5 seconds, making combos more difficult, or with Sanguine Art X, the player can only use this move as an end combo or spam. Or the simplest is Ice V move Glacial Epoch/Absolute Zero.

Bounty and Honor[]

Main Article: Bounty and Honor System

Bounty and Honor have an effect on how strong a player is when fighting another player. For every 500,000 Bounty/Honor a certain percentage of damage and defense buffs will be given to a player. This can affect the impact of combos (e.g. A one-shot combo against a 2.5M player will not work against a 30M player). However, this can be worked around by using 30M one-shot combos (see Dough combos).

Once a player reaches 10 million Bounty/Honor they are given an item that summons Sea Beast. These Sea Beasts can harm other players who are not the summoner or an ally of the summoner. Summoned Sea Beasts generally have less HP, 20,000 - 38,250 (depending on player's level) than regular Sea Beasts. When a Sea Beast manages to kill a player, the summoner will not get their bounty/honor and the victim will not lose any bounty/honor as long as the victim did not get damaged by the summoner or have the “Bounty at Risk” warning at the bottom of their screen.

“No Reward, Suspicious Kill”[]

This occurs when a player kills another with only/mostly M1s clicks while receiving no damage from their victim. This is mainly in place to counter hackers with exploits allowing them to M1s much faster than usual, however can occur in some bounty hunting situations especially if the user is using the Buddha fruit.

PvP Tips And Tricks (General)[]

Always be on the move, never staying still and holding a move to aim correctly. This can be easily exploited by enemies to break your Instinct effortlessly.

PvP Tips (Fruit and Sword-main Guide).[]

Note: This is coming from a double 30 million who specializes in fruit mains, some experience in sword main, and quit gun main after 2 days.

Basic necessities.

Alright, so you're interested in PvP, great! For those of you who are low levels, don't PvP. If you are going to, spend all your points on one thing and spam the moves. Other players typically do not view you as a threat in first sea and typically don't use many points in defense, allowing you to one-shot them. For necessities, please learn how to Instinct-trick. And do not dash in 1 straight pattern, do not spam endlag moves and take advantage when others use moves with endlag. Endlag is basically when you can't move for a short amount of time (~1 second) after using a move.

Make sure to use Aura to deal extra damage and counter Elemental Immunity.

If you are a max level or at least a high level, get Instinct v2 and meta weapons. Depending on how much effort and dedication you are willing to put into your build may vary. Also, do not get tricked by people saying things such as Kilo being good, they are bad. Depending on how much effort you are willing to put in. If you were willing to put in very little, some builds I recommend are.

  • Electric Claw, Venom, and CDK (Fruit main).
  • Leopard, Godhuman, and any good sword, like CDK and Spikey Trident, (Fruit main).
  • Dough v2, Electric Claw/Godhuman, CDK/Spikey Trident, and any good gun, such as Kabucha, Soul Guitar, and Acidum Rifle. (Fruit main).

These are some builds that are easy to use. And don't require large amounts of skill. As number 1 for this list, it is Buddha and Electric Claw/Godhuman. Sword/Fruit main. This build is something a monkey could figure out, basically you M1 spam (Left Click).

For those of you who are willing to put small amounts of effort in, here are some builds.

  • Quake, Fighting Styles of your choice, recommended V2 styles. Meta weapons of your choice.
  • Spider, Godhuman/Electric Claw, Spikey Trident, Soul Guitar.
  • Flame V2, meta Fighting Styles, meta Swords and Guns.
  • Dragon, Spikey Trident, Godhuman. Many of you guys would be mad to see this would require skill, but it is mostly groundbased and to hit the moves in air, you would need aim, precision, and prediction.
  • As for our winner, is Shadow, Yama, Meta Fighting Styles, Meta guns. These builds do require small amounts of skill, however have good potential when mastered. Shadow Yama has a very broken combo, if paired with good guns, [Z] would be unescapable. That is assuming your opponent actually thinks and knows how Shadow [Z] could be escaped.

And finally those who are dedicated to the game. There aren't many skilled fruits and using common fruits like Bomb, Rocket, Spin, Chop, and Spring, is not suggested. However, there are a few. It is just that most builds requiring heavy skills are sword or gun main, like:

  • Ice, Godhuman, meta weapons.
  • Portal, Death Step/Dragon Talon, Pole V2.
  • Light, Godhuman, Spikey Trident, good meta guns.
  • And for the King of skilled. Control, Electric Claw, CDK, Kabucha. Good luck escaping that infinite combo.

PvP Tips (Gun-main Guide).[]

Note: These tips are coming from a 10m player (3m honor) who specializes in sword and guns.


Gun mains are hard to come across, the obvious reason being that it's really hard to aim with a good gun. Adding onto the tips above, you will need a good build. My honest suggestion is to use either Acidum Rifle, Bizarre Rifle or Serpent Bow. These 3 Guns have high combo potential and Acidum Rifle does some scary damage. For your Blox Fruit, I suggest using one with a good stun like Rumble, Dark, Ice, Portal, Quake or even Dough and Sand. Although I haven't used Dough and Sand for gun-main combat, theoretically it can work. Now for your sword, I suggest Spikey Trident, Soul Cane, Pole (2nd Form) or Dragon Trident. Having a good stun/extender with your sword will make it easier to hit your Gun moves, I very highly suggest using Spikey Trident as it is so easy to hit your Gun after you pull the player in with the X move. This brings me to the last part of making your build, the Fighting Style. I hope after all this stuff about making it easier to hit your target you would have guessed that the Fighting Style, I think, and many other gun-mains will recommend is Godhuman or Superhuman. These two work well with all the listed swords and fruits and Superhuman being more popular among "skilled" players.

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