Hướng dẫn first letter lowercase php

(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0, PHP 7, PHP 8)

lcfirstMake a string's first character lowercase


lcfirst(string $string): string

Note that 'alphabetic' is determined by the current locale. For instance, in the default "C" locale characters such as umlaut-a (ä) will not be converted.



The input string.

Return Values

Returns the resulting string.


Example #1 lcfirst() example

$foo lcfirst($foo);             // helloWorld$bar 'HELLO WORLD!';
$bar lcfirst($bar);             // hELLO WORLD!
$bar lcfirst(strtoupper($bar)); // hELLO WORLD!

See Also

  • ucfirst() - Make a string's first character uppercase
  • strtolower() - Make a string lowercase
  • strtoupper() - Make a string uppercase
  • ucwords() - Uppercase the first character of each word in a string

phpnet at katylavallee dot com

13 years ago

Easiest work-around I've found for <5.3:


= "CamelCase"
$string{0} = strtolower($string{0})
$string; // outputs camelCase?>

alex aulbach

13 years ago

In some cases maybe more useful?

$lower = strtolower( substr($upper,0,1) ) . substr($upper,1);


14 years ago

A slight modification from Northie's post here ( http://us2.php.net/manual/en/function.ucfirst.php#68443), where lcfirst may not exist in your PHP build:

<?phpif(false === function_exists('lcfirst'))
     * Make a string's first character lowercase
     * @param string $str
     * @return string the resulting string.
function lcfirst( $str ) {
$str[0] = strtolower($str[0]);
        return (string)
/* Tests */
echo var_dump(lcFirst(NULL)).'<br />';    /* string(0) ""  */
echo var_dump(lcFirst(''))  .'<br />';    /* string(0) ""  */
echo var_dump(lcFirst('S')) .'<br />';    /* string(1) "S" */
echo var_dump(lcFirst('É')) .'<br />';    /* string(0) "�" */
echo var_dump(lcFirst('Hello World!!!')); /* string(14) "hello World!!!"  */

ahlers_wim at hotmail dot com

13 years ago

As of PHP release 6 direct reference modification is not permitted any more.
Reference modification is the process of manipulating characters within a string by means of the instruction such as:
$str[0] in the code line: $str[0] = strtolower($str[0]);

For this reason I have recoded the lcfirst function (on function_exists('lcfirst') === false) as follows:

if ( false === function_exists('lcfirst') ):
lcfirst( $str )
    { return (string)(

Also notice that I have used the more modern scope delimeters (if:-endif;) and I have also removed the unnecessary intermediate result. That is, the manipulation is returned directly.

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